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SAP Services

SAP Forms

For your convenience, fill out these forms beforehand for a faster check-in  


Service Charges:

Keys to Success accepts most insurance providers. When calling for an appointment, make sure you have your medical insurance card available to communicate with office staff along with the insurance number and co-payments, as well as any other necessary information. We also take private pay based on a general sliding fee rate.

Federal D.O.T. - Substance Abuse Professional Assessment Report


Explanation of Payment

The Substance Abuse Professional Assessment Report includes 

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Follow-up notice of compliance meeting
  • Testing Plan for random UA's
  • Staff at Keys to Success assist individuals with clearing house questions and sending information to the DER (Direct Employee Representative/Employer)

Please bring with you:

  • Your last positive random test
  • Your ID
  • Insurance Card (if applicable)

* Preferably cash payment, but card is acceptable*

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